Use This Image:

To make these:

Right Click and Save the top image, then go to and go to their bumper stickers. Click on "Create Your Own" and upload the picture you just saved. Make sure the graphic is within the dotted lines on their template and voila! Easy!

ROFLMAO was created by Lainie, here's a link to a bunch more of her artwork:
Lainie's Art on Facebook

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RP4US Swag
Ron Paul Forums
Ron Paul Mosaic, contains 2008 ad graphics
May 5 Greenville Banner Group

(eagle snatched from

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War = Debt using USAAF Stencil Font:

Clasic redone with same font:

Note, this font is all straight lines, much easier to cut templates with.
4/20/11 - Production Has Begun

The Ron Paul Ram 50: